Reportage Overview: Global Rockstar United

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This was my very first writing job. A Viennese start-up decided to bring six artists from six different countries to Vienna for 4 days to write, record and shoot the video of a song. Ah, the memories!

To The Moon was released on Sept. 16 2015.


About the song and the production


TO THE MOON LYRICS! – Music and Lyrics by six people without quarreling

A SONG UNITING CONTINENTS – Music has no Borders

MIX IT UP! – On Love, Respect and the Concept of Borders

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY – A Note on Global Rockstar United’s Lucky Star


Interviews with the production company

THE MUSIC PRODUCTION – An Interview with Christof Straub

THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN – An interview with Ronny Steibl

ORGANIZING CHAOS – An interview with Mirella

THE TEAM – A thank you note


Interviews with the the artists

KATIE THOMPSON – Representing Oceania

A YEON – Representing Asia

CHRISTIAN RABB – Representing Europe

MURRAY YATES – Representing North America

JHANNIEL – Representing South America

SYSSI MANANGA – Representing Africa


Facebook videos, daily wrap-up 1-5