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Originally published on the Global Rockstar Magazine on 06.09.2015 


Besides our lucky star and six amazing artists, a lot of people contributed to Global Rockstar United from the backstage. This incredible project would not have been possible without:

Christof Straub

Christof Straub – Head of Music at Global Rockstar
Christof is an incredibly experienced musician and a perfectionist in the good sense of the word. He was in charge of everything related to the production of To the Moon. If the artists could not reach a decision regarding the music, Christof was the person with the power to overrule them all. Fun fact: he never had to make use of his super-power.

Ronny Steibl, Chriatian Rabb, Murray Yates, Jhanniel

Ronny Steibl – Chief Marketing Officer at Global Rockstar
Ronny is the person who first came up with the idea of throwing most of the year’s marketing budget into this exciting adventure and making it a reality. Although he’s in the middle of the new website development, Ronny made a point of working remotely from the gosh! studio any time he could in order to breath as much Global Rockstar United air as possible.

Mirella – Responsible for Content Management, PR & Media at Global Rockstar
Mirella is the good fairy of Global Rockstar United. Besides organizing everything she kept an eye on everybody. She helped out with the most difficult situations and anticipated any possible problems, from huge to tiny, and dealt with it in the background so that the artists and the team could run smoothly without worries. Really, we hardly noticed but Mirella had already taken care of problems before you had the chance to ask “Did we think of…?”

Monica Mel

Monica Mel – Magazine Editor at Global Rockstar
Monica was in charge of writing these articles you’re reading and she was basically running around with her notepad asking everyone thousands of questions. She’s astonished that nobody hates her now.

Yure Molina Torres

Yure Molina Torres – Music Scout at Global Rockstar, Dancer and Choreographer
Yure developed the choreography for the To the Moon video and taught the artists quickly. Yure is so passionate that even Katie danced in front of the camera!

A Yeon - Bebop and Oliver Zimmermann

Oliver Zimmermann – Music Scout at Global Rockstar
Oliver speaks Korean very well and scouted Bebop for the Global Rockstar 2014 last year. He volunteered to pick up A Yeon from the airport to finally meet her in person!

Christian Knolmüller

Christian Knollmüller – Co-producer, Arranger and Music Production
Knolli was the mastermind at gosh! studio and after the artists left worked on the mix at top speed. Everybody was amazed by his deep music knowledge. He never lost his nerves or his smile, not even on Monday night – actually Tuesday morning at 4am – when Christof said “I think we should record the harmonies again, I’m not completely happy with it”. The truth is Knolli enjoyed Global Rockstar United as much as the artists and had the time of his life!

gosh! audio Thomas Goethe

gosh! Audio – Thomas Goethe, Audio Engineer
We believe that gosh! studio was pivotal for the Global Rockstar United success. Imagine locking up six artists – jet lag and all – for five days in a classic recording studio in the cellar, with no sunshine for the whole day. They would have died of sadness. gosh! studio was perfect with the finest equipment, a lot of space for everybody to work and loads of daylight to cheer everybody up. In our opinion, from now on, gosh! studio should be called “the legendary gosh! studio where Global Rockstar United recorded To the Moon”.

Titus Vadon and A Yeon - Bebop

Titus Vadon – Drum Assistant
Recording drums is a tricky thing and it could take ages in the post-production to make them spot on. Imagine your drummer only speaks Korean… we were nervous. Very nervous! We asked Titus to be there for A Yeon; they communicated in their special drummer-language consisting of tapping on the next best surface (or even on their chest) to agree: our fears were exaggerated.

A Yeon- Bebop and Maria Loitzenbauer

Maria Loitzenbauer – Translator
You can see Maria and her half pink hair in the background of a lot pictures from Global Rockstar United. Maria was always there, hovering over A Yeon and whispering in her ear what was happening. To include an artist who couldn’t speak English was a brave decision and Maria made it a success!

Stefan Tauber, Ramon Rigoni

Illuminati film – Stefan Tauber, Ramon Rigoni, Manuel, Christof, Oliver
The Illuminati team followed Global Rockstar United at gosh! studio from the beginning to the very end. They were able to shoot everyday for the Making-of documentary without giving anybody the impression that we were exploiting the artists in a casting-show-way. Illuminati film also shot the music video on Tuesday with a jaw-dropping speedy and highly professional performance.

Georg Tomandl

Sunshine Mastering – Georg Tomandl
To produce an outstanding song you need an outstanding mastering studio. And Sunshine Mastering is the right address.

Jasmina Mitic, Christian Rabb

Jasmina Mitic – Stylist
With a couple of expert touches Jasmina made all the artists’ favorite outfit come together so that not only they matched each other in front of the camera but also that everybody felt at ease. Bravo!

Anandi and Barbara

Anandi@MonikaLeuthner-Agentur and Barbara – Make-up and Hair Artists
Especially the girls send an extra thank you to Anandi and Barbara!

Herr Asmus – responsible for the Ehemalige Anker-Expedithalle
We called him in haste on Monday morning and he gave us access to this amazing shooting location for the very next day. Free of charge. We have no words.

Herr Vidic – Music Vidic
We forgot the tambourine on the day of the video shoot and Herr Vidic kept his music shop open past closing time so that we could buy one! He also had a selection of black guitar-straps that went well with everybody’s outfit!

A special thank you to AKG, Soundcraft, Protools, Klangfarbe* and gosh! Audio that spontaneously lent us equipment for the video shoot.

Thank you also to all the Programmers and Music Scouts at Global Rockstar for their patience on Tuesday morning at the office. You kept working quietly while we ran around like headless chickens during make-up and fitting.

* Vienna is a small city after all, Jhanniel passed by Klangfarbe the next day and bought some nice wireless micros for his next gig!